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The Russian annexation of Crimea redoubled military planners’ efforts to leave behind last decade’s focus on asymmetric warfare and concentrate on the very real possibility of having to defend against Russian aggression on the European continent in a hybrid war.  The nations of Eastern Europe responded by increasing defence spending faster than any other region in the world in 2018. Poland already meets NATO’s 2% GDP target, and plans to increase defence spending by 46 billion euros over 15 years. Romania’s defence budget exceeded 3 billion USD for the first time in 2016, and Lithuania should meet the NATO 2% target for the first time this year. 

As the modernisation of regional armed forces continues and readiness levels increase, NATO members on the eastern flank recognise that the decisive deployment of air power will be critical to deterring and responding to aggression and ensuring collective security. Against this backdrop, Defence IQ has launched this regional summit, in order to ensure that air power – rotary and fixed-wing – can be leveraged as a critical enabler for the joint force, up to and beyond 2025. 

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Attend Air Power Eastern Europe to:


Shape emerging regional requirements for fighter aircraft, helicopters, MRO and flight training, and support collaborative approaches to combat air procurement


Define a logistics and support model which can support rapid maneuverability for air and joint force operations


Integrate updated capability alongside a legacy aircraft fleet to support enhanced mission readiness and interoperability


Address the training shortfall to support pilot readiness for complex operations, and optimise the live training balance to take account of a multi-platform fleet

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