12-14 December, 2017 | Budapest, Hungary

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Military Flight Training Eastern Europe 2017 Programme

Download the complete conference agenda now for a look at the speaker panel and their presentation detailsMaximise the readiness of your fleet and enhance your understanding of regional programmes by receiving high level briefings from leading t ...

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Eurotraining is coming back! Multinational jet school could arrive by 2019

Europe has found itself in a difficult situation. Following the UK referendum that determined an exit from the EU, a crisis summit in September 2016 was held in Bratislava Federica Mogherini to put up a united front. Security cooperation has been on the lips of all nations when it comes to defending ...

Military Flight Training: What the event offers

Every year, the Military Flight Training event takes place in London, UK, to bring together the best minds in the community, including military leadership, solution providers and aviation instructors. Unparalleled as a conference in this space, this global forum is the must-attend event to understan ...

Polish jet trainer delivery is ‘just the beginning’ of European flight training resurgence

November 2016 will see the Polish Air Force take delivery of the first of eight M-346 Master lead-in fighter trainer aircraft from Leonardo-Finmeccanica, marking what is set to be one of the early landmarks in a run of new military flight training investment w ...

Austrian Diamond DART 450 ‘breaks world record’ with fresh design

From its first clicks in CAD to its first flight in less than a year. At Farnborough this past summer, Christian Dries, the CEO and owner of Diamond Aircraft, and his project director Clemens Knappert, briefed correspondent Georg Mader on their new DART 450 turboprop trainer. It is an undertaking fe ...

Military Flight Training Report 2015-16: Part I: Holdings & Requirements

Part I of the annual Defence IQ MFT Report covers international inventories of fast-jet and helicopter trainers, key national requirements and an overview of the health of the global flight training market. Part II of this report will provide the full results ...

Map of the Region

In an effort to meet NATO requirements and deter Russian aggression, Eastern European Air Forces are embarking on extensive modernisation projects. Download our exclusive map of the region to see updates on various nations' military flight training aircraft and programmes.

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Pilot Training Challenges of the Botswana Defence Force

Lt Col James Maphanyane, Commander of the Botswana Defence Force's Flight Training School, tells Defence IQ about his nation's programme structure, the opportunities for joint and multinational training, and how education is to be balanced in the coming years. 

Afghan Air Force: Training the First Generation for Airborne COIN

Last year at Defence IQ’s Airborne COIN conference, we sat down with USAF’s Brig. Gen. David Allvin, Commanding General of the NATO Air Training Command – Afghanistan, and discussed the issues relating to the difficult task of educating a new Afghan Air Force. He explains the challenges, from relating accurate...

Interview: Major General Kaluzinski outlines Poland’s jet trainer requirements

Defence IQ speaks with the Polish Air Force Deputy Commander & Chief of Training, Major General Slawomir Kaluzinski… Read the full interview here.

Requirements, Priorities and Challenges in Military Flight Training

Defence IQ spoke exclusively to Colonel Rejman, Deputy Commander 21st Air Force Base, Czech Air Force about the key priorities and challenges being faced in regard to both live and simulation flight training in the Czech Republic.